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Thank you!

My formal training (such as it is; college is on hold for health-related reasons) is in biology, but I have personal interest in speculative fiction (including writing it as well as reading) and in the history of the Radical Reformation and anarchist/libertarian politics. (There's some kind of unexplained disconnect around 1800 where new RR movements go from being libertarian-socialist to libertarian-capitalist and I can't find any historian who knows what's happening there.)

Hi everyone! I've been investigating Less Wrong for several months since I read HPMOR and it seems like an interesting place. It's possible that it's over my head but it seems like the best way to find out is to jump in!

I came to transhumanism from a weird starting point. In 1820, the Stone-Campbell Movement seems to have been a decent attempt at introducing religious people to rationality; in 2020, the Church of Christ is not so much. But there's still this weird top crust of people trying to press forward with higher rationality and human progress and potential (if kinda from a point of serious disadvantage) and I got in touch with their ideas even though I'm not really a member in good standing any more.