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Berkeley LW Meet-up Saturday October 9

Like the Iced Drink Theory that Mass_Driver gave us last time.

Intelligence Amplification Open Thread

I would think that the brain is devoting extra processing power to pickup on different social cues and status juxtapositions while listening to the bloggingheads versus text.

Bay Area Events Roundup

A little later on: Personal life extension conference Oct 9-10

The Cameron Todd Willingham test


From wikipedia:

One of the earliest attempts to quantify reasonable doubt was a 1971 article... In a later analysis of the question ("Distributions of Interest for Quantifying Reasonable Doubt and Their Applications," 2006[9]) , three students at Valparaiso University presented a trial to groups of students... From these samples, they concluded that the standard was between 0.70 and 0.74.

The majority of law theorists believe that reasonable doubt cannot be quantified. It is more a qualitative than a quantitative concept. As Rembar notes, "Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is a quantum without a number."[10]

Antagonizing Opioid Receptors for (Prevention of) Fun and Profit

Could you help end news/TV enjoyment with this method? Take and then watch TV, play video games, browse reddit/CNN/etc. End political identity biases? Take and then go to a political party meeting, religious service or read a bunch of politically charged information. Food cravings? Take and stuff your face with ice cream and greasy mexican food. Dirty gossip? Take and gossip about who your friends have slept with, who hates who, etc.

Do any of these activites involve the endorphine mechanism related to drug use that it's used for currently? Are you suggesting that this is a possible ticket to becoming a LessWrong superhero?

Open Thread: May 2010

Would it be reasonable to request a LW open thread digest to accompany these posts? A simple bullet list of most of the topics covered would be nice.

Open Thread: November 2009

I thought that this may be of interest to some. There was an IAMA posted on reddit from a person that suffers from alexithmia or lack of emotions recently. Check it out.

Where are we?

I just caught this when I saw Silas post in the sidebar. I don't know if you're still around LW, but I live in Richardson as well, although I plan to move to the Bay Area soon.

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