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Greetings ! I am new to your blog. Some articles of yours are truly enlighting me. However, there are posts like this which I clearly don't understand the point made. The conclusion here is that you can be mistaken at categorizing things :

"Categorizing is a guessing endeavor, in which you can make mistakes; so it's wise to be able to admit, from a theoretical standpoint, that your definition-guesses can be "mistaken". "

Such conclusion is obvious and given in almost any of your articles about words I've read so far. So... what's the point here anyway? To my opinion, the article doesn't answer to the title at all, and I read it twice.

Overall, I feel a huge lack of clarity in many of your articles or perhaps it's just me but most of the time I don't get the big picture. I'd like to understand more of you because I see that sometimes your ideas are very interesting.

Can the author or any of his readers explain to me what is he truly trying to say about definitions on this article and others, more than just "defining words are hard" and such trivial stuff please? I would gladly read you.

PS1: " A Human's Guide to Words " is quiet an inapropriate title for such an obscure/unclear serial of articles about words.

PS : I apologize for my never-to-be-perfect english.