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ChatGPT also loves to post a massive copypasta about what LLM's are and why it doesn't know about things that happened after 2021 (including saying "this was from 2013, therefore I don't know anything about it because I only know about things that happened in 2021 or earlier")

I think that the idea of dath ilan being better at solving racism than earth social media is really valuable (in basically every different way that dath ilan stories are valuable, which is a wide variety of extremely different reasons). It should be covered again, at projectlawful at least, but this is a huge deal, writing more of it can achieve a wide variety of goals, and it definitely isn't something we should sleep on or let die here.

I don't think that putting in the guide was a very good idea. It's the unfamiliarity that makes people click away, not any lack of straightforwardness. All that's required is a line that says "just read downward and it will make sense" or something like that and people will figure it out on their own nearly 100% of the time.

Generally, this stuff needs to be formatted so that people don't click away. It's lame to be so similar to news articles but that doesn't change the fact that it's instrumentally convergent to prevent people from clicking away. 

It's been almost 6 months and I still mostly hear people using "infohazard" the original way. Not sure what's going on here.

The pivotal acts proposed are extremely specific solutions to specific problems, and are only applicable in very specific scenarios of AI clearly being on the brink of vastly surpassing human intelligence. That should be clarified whenever they are brought up; it's a thought experiment solution to a thought experiment problem, and if it suddenly stops being a thought experiment then that's great because you have the solution on a silver platter.

Is 664 comments the most on any lesswrong post? I'm not sure how to sort by that.

Do you need any help distilling? I'm fine with working for free on this one, looks like a good idea.

I noticed that it's been 3 months since this was posted. When can we expect more CFAR content?

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