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A Priori

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"You could argue that Occam's Razor has worked in the past, and is therefore likely to continue to work in the future. But this, itself, appeals to a prediction from Occam's Razor."

It seems to me like it is more of an appeal to induction. (Granted the problem Hume raised about induction, but also granted Hume's [and my own] defection to practicality.)

How to Convince Me That 2 + 2 = 3

I've not read all of the comments, but those that I've read from you, Eliezer, in combination with the original blog post, confirm that we are in agreement. Re: Locke, I believe we are blank slates when born. There is no such thing as a priori (how do I italicize?). All thinking, even logical and mathematical reasoning, is done a posteriori. Of what I've read, you've put it brilliantly.