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This Year I Tried To Teach Myself Math. How Did It Go?

I really admire your patience to re-learn math entirely from the extremely fundamental levels on-wards. I've had a similar situation with Computer Science for the longest time where I would have a large breadth of understanding of Comp Sci topics, but I didn't feel as if I had a deep, intuitive understanding of all the topics and how they related to each other. All the online courses I found online seemed disjunct and separate from each other, and I would often start them and stop halfway through when I felt as if they were going nowhere. It's even worse when you try to start from scratch but get bored out of your mind re-learing concepts you learned the week prior to it.

Interestingly though, when I got into game development and game design, that was how you were expected to learn - you pick up a bunch of topics/algorithms/design patterns superficially, and they eventually fit together as you interact with them more often.

Perhaps running through a bunch of books through on your study guide will be how I learn Python and AI development properly this time :)

A non-magical explanation of Jeffrey Epstein

Woah.... I don't know what exactly I was expecting to get out of this article, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Would love to see the possible sequence you mentioned come to life.

App and book recommendations for people who want to be happier and more productive

Awesome recommendations, I really appreciated them (especially the one on game theory, that was a lot of fun to play through). I would like to also suggest Replacing Guilt series by Nate Soares for those who haven't seen it on his blog or on the EA forum, a fantastic series that I would highly recommend people to check out.

Petrov Day 2021: Mutually Assured Destruction?

Attention LessWrong - I do not have any sort of power as I do not have a code. I also do not know anybody who has the code.

I would like to say, though, that I had a very good apple pie last night.

That’s about it. Have a great Petrov day :)

Internal Double Crux

Wow! Maybe since I'm less experienced at this sort of stuff, I'm more blown away about this than the average LessWrong browser, but I seriously believe this deserves some more upvotes. Just tried it out on something small and was pleased to see the results. Thank you for this :)