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I am just the kind of person you describe. I've committed nearly all spare time over the last few years to understanding the core issues of alignment, and the deeper flaws of Moloch/collective action leading to the polycrisis.

What does the next step look like? Social media participation? I don't think that's a viable battleground.

There are dozens of AI experts now giving voice to existential dangers. What angle or strategy is not yet being employed by them that we might back?

What are the best causes to throw one's efforts behind right now? Are there trustworthy companies/non-profits that need volunteers? What is our call to action for those we do inform about the catastrophic risks humanity is facing?

Sorry about the rough formatting and rambling train of thought. I'm eager to commit more of my life to working toward whatever strategy seems most viable, but feel quite lost at the moment.

Thank you! I will adjust accordingly.