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(This is Duncan Sabien, logging in with the old Conor Moreton account b/c this feels important.)

While I think Linda's experience is valid, and probably more representative than mine, I want to balance it by pointing out that I deeply, deeply, deeply regret taking a(n explicit, unambiguous, crystal clear) verbal agreement, and not having a signed contract, with an org pretty central to the EA and rationality communities.  As a result of having the-kind-of-trust that Linda describes above, I got overtly fucked over to the tune of many thousands of dollars and many months of misery and confusion and alienation, and all of that would've been prevented by a simple written paragraph with two signatures at the bottom.

(Such a paragraph would've either prevented the agreement from being violated in the first place, or would at least have made the straightforward violation that occurred less of a thing that people could subsequently spin webs of fog and narrativemancy around, to my detriment.)

As for the bit about telling your friends and ruining the reputation of the wrongdoer ... this option was largely NOT available to me, for fear-of-reprisal reasons as well as not wanting to fuck up the subsequent situation I found myself in, which was better, but fragile.  To this day, I still do not feel like it's safe to just be fully open and candid about the way I was treated, and how many norms of good conduct and fair dealings were broken in the process.  The situation was eventually resolved to my satisfaction, but there were years of suffering in between.

If @Rob Bensinger does in fact cross-post Linda's comment, I request he cross-posts this, too.

(I will probably not engage with responses because I'm still trying to avoid being here; dropping a comment feels less risky on that front than having a back-and-forth exchange.)

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