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What do you do when you have a thousand questions to ask, and a thousand things to say, in a place where you do not normally do either? How do you say the first thing?

As a rationalist, what do you what to see more of in literature? I enjoyed HPMOR, and that's how I got here, a few months ago. It reminds me of textbooks, but I wasn't bored. It's one of my favorite books, and I've been recommending it to Ender's Game fans. I want to write a book or tell a story like that.

Origin story? I think of myself as an irrationalist, but I'm busy debugging. It's more difficult than debugging code (c++ atleast), but more important, and...hopefully more rewarding.

A few questions:

Can we comment here multiple times?

Is this the best place to talk about ourselves on Less Wrong, or is that our User page?

Is there a place to talk about our personal experiences and efforts 'becoming more rational', and encourage each other, or is this just a place for general scientific discussion and posts?

Is there a timeline page for this website? If not, what's important about this site's history? Any interesting simultaneous sets of events? If not, is there anyone keeping records?

Is there a max comment length?

I know politics aren't talked about on Less Wrong, but religion is. If you view irrationality, or 'that which the truth can destroy' as things which 'should be destroyed with the truth', then why not talk about a vortex of bias and irrationality and poor design? Or, as a problem, talk about solutions. If solutions are never discussed how will the problem ever be solved? By everyone joining a group that can solve the problem but doesn't talk about it, but believes it will magically be solved when everyone does? While everywhere else, whenever someone thinks they have magically solved all problems and uncovered the secret to world peace, they shout it to the heavens and don't stop ranting about it where everyone can hear, including the internet. This seems exactly like the one of the few places I'd actually want to talk, and listen to people talk, about politics. It reminds me of Be Secretly Wrong.

How can I get up to date on the latest parts of Less Wrong? If The Sequences are the introduction, where are things now?