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To cease to exist is to exist again.

To believe "if I believe I exist, then I will cease to exist" will render your opposite expectation.

Your problem with the paradox of continued existence in weirdtopia necessarily continues your existence.


  • Utopia: All possible utopias exist simultaneously. On a whim, one can instantly shift one's utopian situation to perfectly reflect one's mind so as produce maximum bliss/happiness/orgasm/utility/LMAO/utopianess/nirvana/whatever you want.

  • Dystopia: All possible dystopias exist simultaneously. At every moment, one's dystopian situation shifts in perfect response to one's mind so as to produce maximum dissonance.

  • Weirdtopia: All possible weirdtopias exist, but only when you think they don't. At every moment, one's existential situation shifts in perfect response to one's mind to produce maximum bewilderment. The world is always what you think it isn't. Even when you know it isn't what you believe it is. Weirdtopia has nothing to do with this description. To think weirdtopia impossible is for it to exist. Weirdtopia has both and neither everything and nothing to do with paradoxes.

Utopia: Virtual reality/mental augmentation allows for all to move into a cosmos of their own self-created imagination. All is fun and play. Economy and Politics dissolve into an order of creation, art, experience, and discovery. The exploration of the infiniteness of the Universe is the main objective. New profound ideas are generated thousands of times a second. Everyone's minds are perpetually blown. Everyone is a perpetual state of LMAO.

Dystopia: Governments ban imagination augmentation, adding it to the drug war hit list. Imaginations are condemned, and make for poor workers. OR it turns out little value is gained from imagination machines, which merely become the new Television. Humanity continues to wander in samsara.

Weirdtopia: Augmentation opens up human beings the weirdness of the Universe, already populated with vast networks of intelligences, both benevolent and malevolent and weirdevolent. Nearly all of human history and endevour (though brought us here) becomes obsolete. We now must navigate an enormous ambivalent social order that has become aware of our presence.