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The EMH is False - Specific Strong Evidence

Do you do your own taxes? If so, how much more difficult do they become after all of this niche activity? How long did they take you to finish this year and last?

The EMH is False - Specific Strong Evidence

For precisely this reason, I'm fairly certain Bogleheads-style investing has the highest expected value for most people. The core philosophy of the approach seeks to minimize behavioral pitfalls while maintaining satisfactory outcomes. It's surprising how infrequently it's discussed here. (Perhaps it's because we're more a community of optimizers than satisficers?) On that note, the Bogleheads theory forum is excellent if you're looking to learn more and develop the ideas further.

Open loops in fiction

I wonder how loop interpretation and things like anxiety and curiosity are linked. For example, I sometimes feel very anxious or excited, depending on the context, relative to others around me because I find myself interpreting loops as remaining open while others interpret those same loops as having been closed.

Open loops in fiction

That's interesting! Would you mind saying more and/or linking resources on this subject?

Tell Culture

Ah, how very guess culture of you!