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I would actually give concrete evidence in favor of what I think you're calling "Philosophy," although of course there's not much dramatic evidence we'd expect to see if the theory is wholly true.

Here, however, is a YouTube video that should really be called, Why AI May Already Be Killing You. It uses hard data to show that an algorithm accidentally created real-world money and power, that it did so by working just as intended in the narrowest sense, and that its creators opposed the logical result so much that they actively tried to stop it. (Of course, this last point had to do with their own immediate profits, not the long-term effects.)

I'd be mildly surprised, but not shocked, to find that this creation of real-world power has already unbalanced US politics, in a way which could still destroy our civilization.

What do you think of this observation, which Leah McElrath recently promoted a second time? Here are some other tweets that she's made, on January 21 & 26, 2020:

Bonus link:

Yes. There's a reason why I would specifically tell young people not to refrain from action because they fear other students' reactions, but I emphatically wouldn't tell them to ignore fear or go against it in general.

Really! I just encountered this feature, and have been more reluctant to agree than to upvote. Admittedly, the topic has mostly concerned conversations which I didn't hear.

Not sure what you just said, but according to the aforementioned physics teacher people have absolutely brought beer money, recruited a bunch of guys, and had them move giant rocks around in a manner consistent with the non-crazy theory of pyramid construction. (I guess the brand of beer used might count as "modern technology," and perhaps the quarry tools, but I doubt the rest of it did.) You don't, in fact, need to build a full pyramid to refute crackpot claims.

Ahem. As with F=ma (I think) it's not so much wrong, or useless, as asking the wrong question on a different level.

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