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Rationalist Poetry Fans, Unite!

Sorry, Nazgul. That makes no sense.

Why Our Kind Can't Cooperate

I don't know how long you've held the position, or much care - I don't think it's relevant. But it is signaling, I think, for 2 reasons:

  • Your public concern with saying it's not signaling is just a way of signaling;
  • Claiming a certain timespan of belief is just an old locker room way of saying "I got here first." Which surely is signaling.

This is the sort of thing that causes unnecessary splintering in groups. I have a very visceral reaction to this sort of signaling (which I would label preening, actually). Perhaps I should examine that.

Why Our Kind Can't Cooperate

You didn't read Eliezer's post very carefully, did you? You need more practice in agreement and conformity. There are a limited number of "right" answers out there. It's alright to agree on them, when they are found.

Why Our Kind Can't Cooperate

That would be a great feature, I think. Ditto on on broad disagreements.

Rationalist Poetry Fans, Unite!

Other than the misspelling, absolutely - Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus)

On the Nature of Things:

A highlight:

This terror, then, this darkness of the mind, Not sunrise with its flaring spokes of light, Nor glittering arrows of morning can disperse, But only Nature's aspect and her law, Which, teaching us, hath this exordium: Nothing from nothing ever yet was born.

Rationalist Fiction

Did see Reading Rainbow, although I think this was later ... late 80s?. We had Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego as a computer game, late 80s, also, I believe. The game was boring as sin.

Little Johny Bayesian

Nice work. Clean up the meter and I'll print it out to read to my daughter. You can never start 'em too young.

Rationalist Fiction

3-2-1 Contact - that was the name of that show - not the Electric Company. That's the bad 80s hit, isn't it ...?

I don't remember seeing anything called Mathnet. My 3-2-1 Contact memories are roughly 1980-1984, somewhere thereabouts. Yours?

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