The True Face of the Enemy

Maybe part of the solution is having more specialized schools. In Russia we have math schools, biology schools, sport schools and so on. Basically some subjects would get strong focus and the rest would be quietly neglected. The kids love it, I've heard from many friends how they felt disengaged in regular school, then moved to a specialized one and everything clicked. Maybe the system could be pushed further, by having schools focused on manual trades, commerce, etc.

Fight Me: Incumbent religions still get too much leeway

Yeah. Hunter-gatherer beliefs maybe not so much, but I do have more respect for Greek and Roman polytheism (which led to achievements like a 50km long aqueduct, going under hills and over valleys, that descends at exactly 25cm per km) than for the successor religion that destroyed the aqueducts, burned the libraries, and introduced religious wars to the world. Then it took over a thousand years to mold Christianity into something compatible with human achievement, and just as it became more or less ok, the kids are replacing it with something worse again. This narrative is exaggerated, but I do tentatively believe something like it, and would be interested to hear arguments against.

Epistemic Warfare

Censorship can only be done by the powerful, who often lie at the same time. So I don't think it's wise to think of it as an antidote to lying.

Heel-and-toe drumming

To me, slightly raising or lowering the hi-hat is an essential dimension of playing, and double strokes / buzz strokes / rolls are important too, so drumming with only feet seems very limited. And why anyway? It's not so hard to find other people to play with. What I really want is for someone to figure out a hi-hat you can play standing up.

Notes on Endurance

I think endurance can sometimes be to your detriment, if people with power and authority try to manipulate you into enduring something that benefits them, when they don't have to endure much at all. I've often wished to have a little less endurance, more anger, and a stronger sense of self.

Writing to think

For some reason "writing to think" never worked well for me. I can only figure out stuff with nonverbal thinking and imagination, then try to put it in words.

Notes on Loyalty

A nice short story about loyalty is Friends in San Rosario by O. Henry.

When Hindsight Isn't 20/20: Incentive Design With Imperfect Credit Allocation

You could go further and say that when firms are too small, the level of trust is inefficiently low ("fly-by-night"), and when firms are too big, the level of trust is inefficiently high ("managerial feudalism").

Competitive Universal Basic Services?

The binary is true though: either you bid up the price of a good by subsidizing purchases, or you bid it down by collective bargaining (or you do both and they cancel each other out to some extent). Vouchers, along with measures like college loans, seem to be on the first horn of the dilemma; OP is more interested in the other horn.

When Hindsight Isn't 20/20: Incentive Design With Imperfect Credit Allocation

Yeah, markets aren't very nice when they have mostly one-shot, fly-by-night interactions. You could fix that with punishments, but a less wasteful alternative is reputation. Sellers of used cars can join into bigger companies that are incentivized to uphold their reputation and provide warranties; workers in critical jobs can bring references from previous jobs where they proved their quality; owners of vacation homes can benefit when Airbnb lets future renters see the reviews written by past renters.

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