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Chapter 105: The Truth, Pt 2

I wish I can see more comments is too good! to not write anything and not talk about. He is terrifying, of course.

A Semitechnical Introductory Dialogue on Solomonoff Induction

Thanks for the reply! but I still want to know more; I am confused with that Internet says it is the plural form of "Mr.", which isn't the case here.  

A Semitechnical Introductory Dialogue on Solomonoff Induction

ASHLEY:  Good evening, Msr. Blaine.

BLAINE:  Good evening, Msr. Ashley.

Is this typo? I've never heard of "Msr." however it is used twice as if it is not typo.

Simulated Elon Musk Lives in a Simulation

Elon Musk is an interesting person so I liked this simulation too:) Despite this Elon doesn't know much about himself.

Elon Musk has left chat.

I am is this an action GPT-3 did? I have no idea if it has an option to quit.  

On the other hand, how did you make the simulated Lsusr responses? This simulated Lsusr feels perfectly like you.

I wanted to interview Eliezer Yudkowsky but he's busy so I simulated him instead

Since the simulation interview mentions about cognitive biases, I wonder what kind of bias, or just errors are here. There are several points we are warned again this is fake, but I continue reading and I think it is not me alone who is between entertainment and caution. 

I raise my caution because GPT's responses are limited to the level of making sense. But they make sense greatly. and how just merely making a great sense creates a bias/error? Of course, they are not necessarily fact and we should not believe this writing. 

But if it can be only fake, why do we read it? uh...The existence of Fiction will explain. 

But if it can be only false, why do we keep repeating ourselves it is fake? ...I don't know really...probably because this piece can be easily confused with the reality. For example, the safe boundary of borrowing EY's name is disturbing me because he is entirely not related and didn’t approve of this simulation. 

Probably I have to question this to low-credit information because I predict the power of GPT will grow the fake news media and because the way GPT will change writing will be there.

Eliezer Yudkowsky: You are killing me. You are killing me. You are killing me.

Lastly, this is terribly vivid, stressing my emotional part, beyond just logical replies. 

LessWrong is providing feedback and proofreading on drafts as a service

Just like everyone here, I am very excited to see this new feature, which sounds like a powerful aid I may like a lot!

About the bar of 100 karma, I view it positively for newcomers. I am well below 100 right now, but I feel like to start accumulating karmas after reading this post. It is like, I can aim for goal--definite and doable-- and unlock something as if I am playing a video game. So far my experience with Lesswrong was slack--I often stopped reading sequences, writing a post sounded like a distant goal, and commenting was a few time event. This is why I say 100 karma is a definite goal. I can aim at one point.    

Would you consider making such milestones on karma or something? It wouldn't be bad to add more :)

The Utility Function of a Prepper

Its stout appearance gave me the impression it will protect me, even at the blast, which my house definitely can’t protect me from haha. Well, it makes sense that concrete will melt in the core of a nuclear explosion. Although I will hide and stay inside the bunker. 

The Utility Function of a Prepper

The second doom boom is here, and people are buying bunkers again.

Desire to have a bunker would be more universal at that time. I think the customer pool has become much narrower and maniac these days. For example, the government considering building shelters is absurd this time, but they did in the past. On the other hand, the fallout shelters are one of historical features in the 50s-60s.

The difference between bunkers and water is not just the cost

Sorry, I tried to mean when we were in the cold war era, specific to the nuclear disaster. I just wanted to ask what will happen when we need to prep expensive_but_must items. What if water is so expensive already?

The Utility Function of a Prepper

This post reminds of fallout shelters during the cold war. It can be the most extreme kind of prepping among common people, and it has been the real thing at that time period.All the news and propaganda could have influenced people’s minds and the market for bunkers and shelters had been pretty big, shaping one of the features of the cold one era. Obviously, buying a bunker is not frequent that much anymore and it failed to have a chance to prove its usefulness; we don’t know if they worked against nuclear bombs.  

I have an interesting question, imagine yourself going back to the era, as a middle class. Are you going to buy this bunker? What would be its utility function and satisfying facts?

P.s. oh, I realized this feels like prepping a must-item like water, except that its cost is very very high. If the cost is very high, do we prep the item or not? 

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