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First I definitely agree that prompt is a powerfully simple technique to start my brain. I just follow its direction and almost automatically creates my own answers, reflecting upon past accumulated experiences or discovering new perspective I haven't considered before. Sometimes I experience a deep, focused state which is distinguished from my usual time: A prompt triggered my brain to answer and continue answer. My brain was heated as I wrote more, and if I stop, I feel pressure to continue the excited state of writing and thinking.  When I read CFAR handbook, there was intuitive side of brain called System 1. I think accessing to system 1 is what is happening above.

This is the technique I have in mind to escape my bad equilibrium when I can't start work. However, I haven't been effective yet. In reflection, these prompts and my action being done are not necessarily cause and effect relationship. They can be an association, just happening at the same time without interaction. (Which is just a thought from a moment ago. I don't have any backup evidences). 

Maybe prompt is helpful because it contains viewpoint different from me. But not every sentence is prompt, and not every prompt triggers my actions. 

The nature of prompt is filling-in-blank, which is known for killing creativity. Wait, then how could prompting can be a method to pull my creativity? I thought about this for a min, and my conclusion is that filling-in-blank sets a rigid answer when it is not supposed have only one answer, and prompting does exactly opposite, allowing to have any answers at very particular question. Then it made sense to me, because I believe creativity appears when there is a opening context but not closing answers.  

Lastly, I went meta and thought about how am I writing this comment, indirectly prompted by your posting.  I wanted to make any comment because of the new good heart tokens. I tried other articles first but I had no idea what to tell them. Then I read your article, I had thought about prompting before, and now I am telling my story. I couldn't stop writing so I definitely had a system 1 moment. Before I open, I wrote some responses and an email to ask a question. Before I open gmail, I was writing a comment to tell how I started watching one youtuber because he asked us to ask him anything for prize. I quite liked my comment.  Right now, I am starting to feel tired even though system didn't require focus; it was a focus. And you may tell, I feel incoherent of this comment. Wait incoherency???! It prompted me something

Incoherency always appears when I am in system 1, and will be if I use prompting. It is a big obstacle but could be solved by editing and organizing. Sorry, here I won't. But I am glad I finally explicitly realized my system 1 is usually incoherent. 

This work changed my perspective, or prejudice on fanfiction. Now I am leaning toward the art of fanfictions and I credit and thank you for all of this.  

I suggest not doing so,

trying to complete this exam on your own,

I appreciate this. It reminds me the discussions that solved math problems I can't solve myself, but I worked together and interacted extensively.

O I like these keys. Thank you

I'm not sure I understand the question.

Each time I save progress, vim creates another file. At the end, I have multiple files in addition to the original one. But it seems like it is not supposed to work that way?  

p.s. I thought it is going to be foreshadowing after few chapters, but EY writes about it at the end of of this post. And I am surprised again to find my comment at the bottom, haha. 

Hi, I downloaded vim for the first time, after reading your post. It is fascinating program, and learning about it is another interesting experience. Now, I have three things to ask you.

  • Why didn't you write about [ESC] and [i] keys to turn on and off the [vim mode]? I had no idea but just messing with it, before I can activate these cool shortcuts. Hahaha
  • I write stuff and save constantly. In Vim, whenever I save, it creates another file ~[filename], over and over again.  How do we organize files for vim?
  • Lastly, how do we paste outside texts to the vim? :p didn't work.

I just dumped you all these questions, sorry about that, but I appreciate your help much.

Harry again stayed quiet. It had occurred to Harry that there was another obvious way that Lord Voldemort could have avoided his mistake. Something that might perhaps be easier to see given a Muggle upbringing, instead of the wizarding way of looking at things.

Harry had not yet decided whether to tell Professor Quirrell about his thought; there were both pros and cons to pointing out that particular error.


anytime and always, I am here for you

I wish I can see more comments is too good! to not write anything and not talk about. He is terrifying, of course.

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