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link to a Feynman video (and a 2nd (distantly related) video)

3 points
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Deviant argumentation regarding Monty Hall problem

1 point
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Ig Nobel for the anti-akrasia guy

7 points
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Meditations on first philosophy

-2 points
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Theory and practice of meditation

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Human performance, psychometry, and baseball statistics

24 points
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> What would make you personally use the new LessWrong?

Quality content. Quality content. And quality content.

> Is there any specific feature that would make you want to use it?

The features which I would most like to see:

Wiki containing all or at least most of the jargon.

Rationality q...(read more)

Who is your favorite philosopher?

Do you have a favorite atheist philosopher?

If not the same guy as for question number one, who is your favorite philosopher that 95% of the philosophy academy never reads?

> I was sitting in the audience as they got into the part where Bottom acts like an ass and this is supposed to be funny. I was just waiting for them to get it over with, and then remembered that there was nothing after it in the play that I looked forward to anyway.

Your unease may be from the au...(read more)

Are there good reasons why when I do a google search on (Leary it comes up nearly empty? His ethos consisted of S.M.I**2.L.E, i.e. Space Migration + Intelligence Increase + Life Extension which seems like it should be right up your alley to me. His books are not well-organized; h...(read more)

Very nice.

I was reminded of this golden oldie from the '90's:

"Bill Clinton is an extraordinarily good liar." --Larry Nichols

I found another physician online endorsing a mg or two daily lithium supplement:

[Lithium and Inflammation](

[Lithium and Longevity](

(fou...(read more)

When I took Edward Tufte's graphics class one of the questions was about website design. He said the gold standard is the Google News website. Almost all signal and almost no noise. This design is not bad at all but it might work better as an "About" page than as the main page. The main page should ...(read more)

David Pearce was still taking questions as of an hour ago. He gave me a much more thorough answer to [my question]( than I have gotten in the two other AMA's I submitted questions to. Neil Strauss and the Atlantic writer whos...(read more)

> Do you know anyone who might fall into this category, i.e. someone who was exposed to Less Wrong but failed to become an enthusiast, potentially due to atmosphere issues?

Yes. I know a couple of people with whom I share interest in Artificial Intelligence (this is my primary focus in loading Less...(read more)