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When watching my Nats on (who do not have QUITE the record of your Mets or Yanks this year) I have to literally cover the screen most of the screen with my hand when the streaming is interrupted, I have to refresh the page, and it assumes I want to jump to Live. This happens at least five times a game, sometimes more like twenty times a game. 

Monkeypox is a DNA virus while SARS-COV-2 is an RNA virus; this means that the monkeypox genome is much longer (200,000 base pairs vs 30,000 base pairs). The current outbreak has 50 SNPs different from a virus sequenced a few years ago ( Coincidentally, Omicron also has 50 SNPs different from the reference virus. So same amount of change in absolute numbers, but a much smaller amount in terms of the percentage of the genome. 

Here's the phylogenetic tree, if you're interested:

Interested in an update on "China keeps daily cases under 50 per million through 2022: 45% → 40%" given the data we have on Hong Kong recently