Cuore di Vetro is one of my favourite Gelato places, it is located in Berlin near Rosa-Luxemburg Platz. Another great Gelato place in the world is Gelato Blue in Newton, Sydney, Australia, it is the only vegan ice-cream I know of which is on par with normal ice-cream, and this one is so good it is on par with Gelato in Italy.


A Data-Driven Path to Effortless Weightloss: Potatoes, Potassium, Drugs, Chocolate, and much much more

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Thanks for this info. Ya this really goes in the direction of what I think is happening. 

Not really. It's an ion. Your body easily eliminates anything which is water soluble in your pee. 

Ya, all that sounds about right to me :) Thanks for writing out so clearly :) 

I totally believe that a low potassium 500 kcal diet would see rapid and significant weight loss. My experience so far tells me that I would expect doing a 500 kcal diet on low K would be very difficult (my body would just painfully crave food) whereas with high K it would make it much easier. 

Wow! Thanks for all the detail. You seem to have a precise and detailed knowledge of how your body works! I'm impressed. 

I did it at the belly button, but I did it at lungs-full because I thought it would be harder for me to cheat myself at lungs full. lungs neutral felt like I could unconsciously be little less full when it would support my hypothesis and little more full when it wouldn't ... 

Oh wow!! Great data! Thanks for that. 
So my incomplete tests for the moment seem to indicate that if I take no potassium and no calorie-not-dense meal, then I gain weight. If I just take ~2500 mg K or more but no calorie-not-dense meal, I lose weight very slowly, if I just take one calorie-not-dense meal a day but no K I lose weight very slowly, but if I do both, then I lose weight visibly. Do you think something like that could be consistent with your experience?


Watermelon has 30 kCal and 112 mg K per 100g 
(boiled) potatoes have 87 kCal and 380 mg K per 100g

So per calory they have roughly the same amount of potassium, but watermelon is clearly much less energy dense than potatoes. 

Oh, and also comparing averages (patato consumption per capita) with the size of the tail of a distribution (obesity prevalence) can sometimes be problematic. See the following blog post for a good explanation: 

I did measure my waist circumference. It went from 106cm (mid-filled lungs) at the beginning  to 89cm (maximum air-filled lungs, I changed my method mid-way, I figured it was harder for me to decieve myself if always max-filled my lungs rather than doing it "mid"-way) at the end. But I quickly noticed that waist circ tracked weight surprisingly well, just that it had a ~3 day lag, so I ended up paying more attention to weight.  

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