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This one felt quite LW-relevant:

If $1 million makes you happy, that doesn't mean $10 million will make you 10 times as happy.

It's good to be reminded now and then that dollars are not, in fact, utilons.

The lack of an automatic repair mechanism makes things hairier, but while frozen, the radiation damage will be localized to the cells that get hit by radiation. By the time you get the tech to revive people from cryonic freezing, you'll most likely have the tech to fix/remove/replace the individual ...(read more)

I don't know so much about C-14, but wouldn't potassium decay's effects be small on timescales ~10,000 years? [The radioactive natural isotope K-40]( has a ridiculously long half life (1.25 billion years, which is why potassium-arg...(read more)

This is a nice example of the slipperiness I sometimes notice when I think about how one could test an ev. psych hypothesis. My first thought after reading your comment was 'but won't all those factors be just as correlated with unhappiness and depression as with genetic fitness? Surely there's a le...(read more)

'Why would I need to demand evidence? My wife freely gives me evidence of her love, all the time!'

Maybe the salesman mostly sells temporary life insurance, and just means that no clients had died while covered?

I'm sorry, this is just an open thread comment, not a top-level post. Aren't we allowed to just chat and get feedback without thoroughly contemplating a subject?

There's nobody compelling you to reply to the comments you feel are too thoroughly contemplating a subject.

I think that's about right, although (as you can probably tell) there's some argument about just how 'plausible' the Bad Thing is. At any rate, I'm lucky enough to be immune to the Bad Thing because I got a bad case of tl;dr looking at Roko's original post.