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it would probably destroy our family

That's about your family's attitudes, rather than about anything intrinsic to the act.

I would be surprised and possibly grossed out if this happened in my own family, but that would be the moral equivalent of a vistigial limb,* something to get past.

*I was going to say appendix, but the appendix does actually have a function).

I tried it, but at the time I found it very hard to focus. it's a lot like working at home – you need to be very good at creating your own routines and structure, and managing your own projects.

If that's not you, develops those skills first. Getting work where you train those skills is a good approach.

I doubt straight men innately dislike kissing or showing affection toward men.

I went to a kissing workshop. (Things escalated slowly and nothing was mandatory.) I was turned off more quickly than I expected by kisses with guys - just by a very short closed-mouth kiss.

(I like hugs though.)

I'm certain I'd also benefit from the bisexual pill, and my aversion to the idea is irrational.

"I hate spinach, which is a good thing because if I liked it I'd eat it all the time, and I hate the stuff." - half remembered second-hand quote, apparently from the 19th C(?)

It only increases your chances by the percentage of people of your gender who are open to same-sex encounters.

But the other people of your gender are also restricted to this smaller pool in their search for a pairing, giving you a better chance of being accepted/selected by a particular individual that you're attracted to (assuming you spend significant time around people in this pool). So this factor may not have a big effect.

The 2014 camp was interesting, fun, great for meeting new people, and a good time was had by many (hopefully all).

And there's also no discernible difference between seeing a psychotherapist and spending the same amount of time talking to a randomly selected college professor from another field. It's just talking to anyone that helps you get better, apparently.

Unless this has been tested for random people other than just college professors, there's a stronger case for saying that talking to a person of a certain intelligence and education level helps you get better. And I suspect that it doesn't generalise to "talking to anyone that helps you get better" but I haven't looked into it.

(I'm sure there are other factors, but I'm just going by what was said about college professors.)

That now redirects to a porn site.

Choose music that you're very familiar with it and put it on a loop. New music is much more likely to distract you. (Tip from Matt Mullenweg, interviewed by Tim Ferriss.) That might be more significant than the type of music, although we'd expect instrumental music to be less distracting. I know a health professional (who has ADHD, and works with people who have ADHD) who finds that AC/DC is best for helping to concentrate. I'm not an AC/DC fan, but I'll try some fast heavy music one day when I need an extra concentration boost, and see if it works.

So it's better to view our taste buds as an adaptation fitted to ancestral conditions that included near-starvation and apples and roast rabbit,

And those apples were crab apples. I doubt that many of our distant ancestors would have experienced anything like our bred-for-sweetness fruit varieties on a regular basis. Those new fruit varieties are probably still very healthy – I'm just further highlighting the enormous gulf between what our ancestors ate and the concentrated sugar-fat-salt concoctions that we eat.

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