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Existential Risk

Hi there I'm the artist who's image you've used to illustrate this article. Good article and I've learned a thing or two. Thankyou for using my image and placing it as a link back to my page, all links are good etc. I don't have a problem with my work being used and indeed its pleasant to come across it like this. In future however could you please ask me first and provide a written acknowledgement in the text.



Oh and for those who were discussing the rings exactitudes ... Its a 200km diameter torus with a width of 10km. The atmosphere is "held in" by the strange alien structures looping about the outside of the ring. Probably some sort of induced electro statics. I made this image with the idea of showing a culture that was simultaneously extremely technically advanced and also quite blasé about the existence of the technology. The inhabitants in the towns below may not even glance at the structures above that protect their world. There was no social comment intended, imply what you will :) It was originally intended to be animated, maybe I'll have another attempt at that, but I think it could do with some finishing work first.