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The central question of AI seems to be:

Can computers do something they haven’t explicitly been told to do by their creator?

I could be way off here, but this seems like a simple ELI5 thesis for someone who doesn’t know much about AI or what the point of it all is.

Make learning a reality

Agreed. This is how I've taught myself to write code over the past year. Tutorials are interesting and helpful, but I never really learned how everything works together until I built something I truly wanted to use.

The glorious energy boost I've gotten by abstaining from coffee

Yes! I actually did one week where I did wake up - gym - coffee - work and then one week where I did wake up - coffee - gym - work and noticed the days where I delayed coffee, I felt much more alert around 3 or 4. I also had to wake up 30 mins earlier on those days to do my gym class before coffee. Though I did notice I didn't perform as well in the gym.

I wanted to stick with it, but couldn't because 1.) I love coffee and 2.) It was really hard to wake up at the same time on days where I wasn't going to the gym, but still delay coffee.

The glorious energy boost I've gotten by abstaining from coffee

I've heard this is a good middle-ground between quitting coffee altogether and just keep drinking the same amount.

I love coffee. It's a hobby for me. But there's been advice to delay drinking coffee about 90-120 minutes after waking up because it allows the chemical in the brain, adenosine, to be accepted by its receptors and wear off. When you drink caffeine right away, it blocks the adenosine receptors and they just float around until the caffeine wears off, and then bind to the receptors making you sleepy. This is often what causes the afternoon crash.

I tried this for a week and enjoyed it. I woke up, worked out, and then had coffee instead of waking up, drinking coffee and then working out.