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Chuckling a Bit at Microsoft and the PCFG Formalism

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John Tooby on Coalitional Instincts

3 points
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[ACTIVITY]: Exploratory Visit to the Bay Area

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2 min read
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Job Postings?

7 points
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Significance of Compression Rate Method

5 points
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Link: Strong Inference

9 points
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Development of Compression Rate Method

11 points
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Preface to a Proposal for a New Mode of Inquiry

4 points
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Two Challenges

14 points
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Link: Interview with Vladimir Vapnik

18 points
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First, I appreciate the work people have done to make LW 2 happen. Here are my notes:

1. Strong feeling - the links and descriptions of the Sequences, the Codex, and HPMOR (while good) should not be at the top of the page. The top should be the newest material. 1. Please please please include a "...(read more)

Why do people see Mars as a better target for human colonization than the Moon? Most comments on lunar colonization seem to refer to two facts:

1. the Moon has quite low gravity, so it cannot maintain an atmosphere for a long period of time. 1. the Moon has no magnetic field, so it will not prot...(read more)

Good analysis, thanks. I buy the first two points. I'd be shocked to see an implementation that actually makes use of the lower metadata requirements. Are there languages that provide a boolean primitive that uses a single bit of memory instead of a full byte? Also I don't understand what you mean ...(read more)

-1, this is pointlessly negative. There's a disclaimer at the top (so it's not like he's claiming false authority), the title is appropriate (so it's not like you were tricked into clicking on the article), and it's reasonably on-topic because LW people are in the software/AI/entrepreneurship space...(read more)

Has anyone studied the Red Black Tree algorithms recently? I've been trying to implement them using my Finite State technique that enables automatic generation of flow diagrams. This has been working well for several other algorithms.

But the Red Black tree rebalancing algorithms seem *ridiculous...(read more)

Can anyone offer a linguistic explanation for the following phenomenon related to pronoun case and partial determiners:

1. None of us want to go to school tomorrow. 1. None of we want to go to school tomorrow (****). 1. We want to go to school tomorrow. 1. Us want to go to school tomorrow (****...(read more)

Theory of programming style incompatibility: it is possible for two or more engineers, each of whom is individually highly skilled, to be utterly incapable of working together productively. In fact, the problem of style incompatibility might actually increase with the skill level of the programmers...(read more)

I haven't written it up, though you can [see my parser in action here](

One key concept in my system is the [Theta Role]( and the associated rule. A phrase can only have one structure for eac...(read more)

Against Phrasal Taxonomy Grammar, an essay about how any approach to grammar theory based on categorizing every phrase in terms of a discrete set of categories is doomed to fail.