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So I got a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering , but I worked in a non engineering related field since then. I'm preparing to go back and do a Master'\s degree in engineering. Does anyone have any tips for what I can do to regain lost knowledge over the summer? I'm cracking open some old textbooks.

I'm generally good at science and math. I can put up with long working hours for a time , but I wouldn't want that permanently. I'm generally not ethically scruipulous about much (besides obvious stuff like fraud and dishonesty).About whether I want to be sure of accumulating wealth or am willing to do so on average, I guess it would depend. If the floor of the career is still a decent amount , I be willing to take on an increased risk of making a greater amount.

So I was wondering what career is best in terms of being able to accumulate wealth and having a decent quality of life. I've heard finance jobs are good.

Does anyone have any good recommended reading on being social? Stuff like understanding social situations and how to respond appriopriately. Understanding personality types and how to engage with them. How to make people like you can how to keep people's attention. I'd really love to learn these skills , as I feel I am deficient at them.

Heads up to fellow autodidiacts. Amazon's kindle Unlimited allows you to get a number of select titles for a monthly fee. They have a free 30 day trial on now.

Yeah. I've always found (in other areas) , having a good handle on the theory and concepts involved allows me to grasp it intuitively and apply my knowledge better. I guess in soft science , the theory might be a bit more conjectural. Any writings in particular you think of? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the recommendations! Definitely looking into it. Some of the 'theory' stuff is interesting too. Things like the posts on lesswrong that conceptualize offense as a grab for status. Any recommendatons on that front? On 'theory' of social interaction.

Request for advice: I'm looking to improve my social ability. specifically my ability to 'read' people and social situations. In addition I would like to be able to apply these insights to be more persuasive and socially effective. I feel like I am below average in these areas. In addition I would like to improve the quality of my relationships. Someone mentioned a social psychology course online. I probably won't take the course , but I'd like a textbook recommendation if possible. What would be ideal and really helpful would be something like Lukeprog's summaries of research in cognitive science. Or something like the book "59 seconds" that summarises research in psychology of adjustment and how to apply it. Something that summarises social psychology and the aspects I need to understand to improve my relations with people . Any recommendations for books or articles? Googling brought up some books like "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" but I don't know the quality of the work.

I'd consider myself a little below average. Culture : Anglo-Caribbean (where I am now) USA- (where I'll be soon). Both professional and personal would be great. Not so much making new friends as navigating social situations and being able to 'read' people.

Are there any resources (on lesswrong or elsewhere) , I can use for improving my social effectiveness and social intelligence ? Its something I'd really like to improve on so I can understand social situations better and perhaps improve the quality of my social interactions.

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