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All my notes take the form of questions and answers now. I find that notes that can't be used to challenge me to recall and think about the material are pointless.

Note these are not like SR flashcards, which I have had little luck with outside things such as vocab.

I keep them in markdown in Drop...(read more)

Sign up for and track the artists you named and the SF Bay Area metro area. I work at this company and we exist to solve this problem for live music. We only email you about stuff you have previously told us you are interested in.

After reading this story I spent about 30 seconds worrying that my ipad was broken because the display was now tinted pink. Even a restart didn't fix it. Then I realized.

Thank you, I'm not sure if I had seen that.

What techniques have you used for removing or beating Ugh Fields, with associated +/- figures?

(A search of LW reveals very few suggestions for how to do this.)

Awesome. I'm going to try this on something (short).

Random thoughts:

- if you are describing a static system, how to represent character arcs? Can a leukocynoid become king? - there'll be hundreds and hundreds of characters. But I suppose that's still better than hundreds and hundreds of random...(read more)

In the context of LW, I took it as an amusing critique of the whole idea of rewarding yourself for behaviours you want to do more .

"In particular, when it comes to marriage, outside of the aforementioned libertarian fringe, there is a total and unanimous agreement that marriage is not a contract whose terms can be set freely, but rather an institution that is entered voluntarily, but whose terms are dictated (and can be changed...(read more)

Trying to do something everyday that is useful or cool enough to tell people about (at work). There are obvious visibility arguments for doing this but I've also found it a great motivator. Asking "who cares?" seems to cut through a lot of prioritisation fuzz. (Only 11 workdays in so far.)

It apparently stops them getting clogged with fat. You follow the bleach with a kettle of boiling water as well, I forgot to add.