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Do you really presume everyone on LW understands Russian, citing a Russian-language poem?

Thanks for your comment! You're right I was mostly a passive reader on LW. I tried to make the essay sound as logic and unbiased as I possible. If you could recommend any blogs or public online spaces where I could post my essays on situations about Ukraine and be heard, I'd be really pleased.

Concerning the question you referred to, I wish the rule of international law would prevent countries from invading one another rather lack of nukes. Ukraine took such a step to signal about its good intentions by swapping nuclear weapons for respect for its borders but the good intentions were nullified by Russia's invasion.

Besides voting Democrat (which is also valuable), you can spread the message of why it's necessary to stand for Ukraine. When communicated, the message may encounter someone who would make the difference. Secondly, you can donate to Come Back Alive Charity Foumdation or Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation.

It'd be more appropriate to call Russia a fascist state if we take Umberto Eco's criteria. Here's an article dealing with Eco's definition of fascism. I referred to Nazi dictatorship because of the article cited.

To be honest, I can't catch your take. It isn't transparent for me. If you could put it more straightforwardly, I'd be thankful. Russia exploits the narrative about NATO enlargement. But I can't see any evidence why NATO threatens Russia's security.