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This reminds me of another post Yudkowsky made on a very similar topic.

I would consider most of the people here to be informally operating on at least a milder version of Crocker's rules.


I can think of a scenario where the colour red tends to have the opposite effect...


The sensitivity to irregular caffeine users is just due to lack of tolerance. It can still be avoided by just reducing the dosage compared to regular caffeine users.


Sure, I can imagine caffeine impeding long-term learning from exam revision.

But I find the increased focus to be much more important, for an exam that I've already studied for, and for material I will very likely never need to know in quite as much detail ever again.

There's 2 different kinds of studying I do. Studying conceptually for the long term, and cram time for a specific exam fitting in all the fine details, and then quickly regurgitating them. If it takes exam revision to significantly enhance the former, then I already learned too little, too late. That said, I commonly use caffeine for the latter with no regret of the side effects.