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This has now been fixed.

Comments now correctly follow the Post they belong to and you can reply to them :)


For those that have been keeping an eye on the new wiki you may have noticed a couple of things change recently.

First anonymous editing has been disabled, so you have to login to the wiki in order to contribute.

Second the URLs are in wikipedia style format, so articles can be accessed like http://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Utilon instead of http://wiki.lesswrong.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Utilon (the second form still works of course)


Hi badger,

I see that you are BJR on the wikia wiki. I will send you a separate message.

As for the page you created on the wikia wiki after the migration was done, you can simply make the same edit to the new wiki and create it there. Since there are two wikis they can diverge (see my other message to you).


Hi badger,

What is your username on the wikia wiki?


There is now a new wiki.

All the content from the wikia wiki has been migrated to the new wiki.

However the users can't be exported and hence weren't migrated. You may create an account at the new wiki with the same username as the wikia wiki and then you will have the same user page and all your contributions will match on your username.

For those that have been looking carefully you will have noticed the link to the new wiki next to the about link in the nav bar.

Enjoy :)

  1. New shows all categories you can see including your drafts, others can't see your drafts. See the FAQ

  2. This is an issue specific to browsers that use WebKit, namely safari and chrome. Unfortunately we can't do anything about this, though it appears to be fixed in the latest WebKit (used by safari 4 beta)

  3. I made a change such that where possible the browser spell check will be on. Firefox and safari appear to work and provide support. IE6,7,8, chrome and opera don't.


Thanks for the more detailed description. I've no doubt that it is rather annoying so lets see if we can try and stop this from happening.

This could be an issue on either the client or the server. It sounds like the content type which should be text/html and the content encoding which should be gzip is getting mismatched between the client and the server.

Whilst I have no doubt that this issue is occurring, I have not been able to replicate it on firefox 3.0.9 on windows or linux.

The server appears to be sending the correct headers.

Unless there are other people also experiencing this issue then I suspect it may be an issue with this specific installation of firefox.

I would like to suggest removing firefox and installing the latest version which is 3.0.10. This may be a bit annoying and you may have to customize firefox again but it's a good opportunity to upgrade and may resolve the issue.

If you do upgrade then please let me know how you go and whether you are still experiencing the issue.


Raised an issue to track this.

Appears that the edit is successful but sometimes pressing refresh will show the old text before the edit and hence it looks like the changes have been lost. In fact they are there and pressing refresh enough will show the new edited content.


I'd like to try and replicate this.

Can you provide some more info so I can make it fail. What OS, version of Firefox? Which links? Recent posts on the sidebar or in one of the listing pages like promoted or new? Can you still cause this to happen and what are the steps you follow to do so?

Thanks :)


It should work fine - I tested it heaps :)

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