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Omicron Post #6

It looks like there might be an Omicron variant which doesn't have the S gene dropout [1]. I'm wondering how that might impact various modelling efforts, but haven't had time to think it through.


What are good resources for learning functional programming?

Most of my resources are Haskell related.

If you are new to programming, I usually recommend "How to Design Programs". It is the only text I know of that seems to teach people how to design programs, rather than expecting that they'll work it out themselves based on writing code for a few years.

For a starting point for programmers, I usually recommend the Spring 2013 version of CIS194 - "Introduction to Haskell" - from UPenn. The material is good quality and it has great homework. Our meetup group relayed the lectures, so there are videos available here.

"Introduction to Functional Programming using Haskell (2nd Edition)" by Richard Bird is also really good if you want to get some hands on experience with using equational reasoning to prove things about programs, or to partially synthesize programs from their specifications. It is aimed at undergraduates, but is more advanced than CIS194.

"Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell" by Simon Marlow is great for doing more applied work with Haskell, but I'd do CIS194 first.

I currently work for a group that runs free FP courses. There is an introductory course here that can be done on your own but is challenging - we only cover a subset of the content when we actually run the course. There is an applied course here that is easier to tackle without an instructor, but requires that you're comfortable with the concepts from what we teach during the introductory course.

Open Thread May 2019

Thanks! I'm not on Facebook, but I have reached out to the not-very-active Slate Star Codex meetup folks and hope to have a chat with them about what meetup options would work for them. I'll talk to some of my collaborators about reaching out to the Facebook group.

Open Thread May 2019

Hi all. My name is Dave, I recently went along to some AI Risk for Computer Scientist workshops and consequently read Rationality: AI to Zombies, HPMOR and The Codex, and have been generally playing with CFAR tools and slowly thinking more and more AI safety related thoughts.

A few coworkers have also been along to those workshops, and some other people in my various circles have been pretty interested in the whole environment, and so I'm currently polling a few people for interest in setting up a LessWrong meetup in Brisbane, Australia. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of that.

I've also ramped up my lurking on LessWrong itself, and so hopefully you'll see me in the comments section whenever I next feel like I have something interesting to add :)