Software engineer currently working at Google, previously working in supply chain optimization at Amazon. Bachelors of science in Computer Science as well as in Discrete Mathematics from the University of Nevada, Reno. Currently pursuing the online Master of Information and Data Science program from UC Berkeley.


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Triaging mental phenomena or: leveling up the stack trace skill

Would you mind giving an example or two of how you've done deliberate practice? I always have trouble finding ways to exercise mental skills when I'm not being forced to use them.

How does personality vary across US cities?

Fascinating that the high-extroversion cities are places I know well, while the low-extroversion cities are places I've never heard of.

On Philosophers Against Malaria

GiveWell also perceives its audience as uninterested in higher expected value but higher risk options.

Doesn't seem entirely plausible, given that GiveWell's second-highest rated charity and several of the other next-ranked charities are acknowledged to likely have close-to-zero impact, in exchange for high expected value. They don't seem to shy away from a cause just because they perceive it as high-risk.