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Just some initial thoughts,

I do understand that these statements are broad generalisations for what really does occur though the premise is that a successful choice would be made from wieighting options provided from the scenarios.

As with genetics and other systems the beneficial error scenario which can be described in situations such as a miskeyed note on a keyboard leading to a variation of the sequence that is favourable seems excluded from these scenarios.

Improvisation based on self introduced errors may also be a core to these utilities being able to evolve reason.

Model-based system: Figure out what's going on, and what actions maximize returns, and do them.

Model-free system: Do the thingy that worked before again!

Pavlovian system: Avoid the unpleasant thing and go to the pleasant thing. Repeat as necessary.

Hi, I am Dean

I am a software developer with many years experience in web based design and development. I think of myself as a ideas person and am deeply interested in AGI. My only real experience is that of research such as reading and youtube so I am something of an armchair AI investigator. I have a few ideas of my own and hope to contribute one day.

Look forward to interacting with you all in a positive way.

Regards, Dean