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If 20 percent of children in third grade could read at at least the first grade level, what percentage of children that age who didn't attend school could do so?

The mockingbird: Find whatever method the current leader(s) is/are using to enable self-cooperation, and find the way to mimic them with a small advantage. (e.g. if they use a string of 0,1,4,5s to self-identify, spam 4 until they identify as you, then identify how to get into the side of mutual coo...(read more)

Nominal GDP also increases by 1000 times, and everyone's currency savings increases by 1k-fold, but the things which are explictly in nominal currency rather than in notes will keep the same number. The effect would be to destroy people who plan on using payments from debtors to cover future expense...(read more)

My predcition is that having a sincerely held belief to 'defy Moloch whenever possible' would result in suffering the harm caused by being the first actors to switch from the worse Nash equilibrium.

Let's talk about how timed-collective-action-threshold-conditional-commitment.

The very most important thing about having the all-things-considered view is not multiply propogating the consensus belief, especially when the information flow is one-way: if you report your credence after updating from a consensus that you didn't agree with, but without causing the consensus to up...(read more)

There will always be tasks at which better (Meta-)*Cognition is superior to the available amounts of computing power and tuning search protocols.

It becomes irrelevant if either humans aren't better than easily created AI at that level of meta or AI go enough levels up to be a failure mode.

No individual cares about anything other than *the procedures*. Thus, the organization as a whole cares only about the procedures. The behavior is similar /with the procedures that exist/ to caring about fitness, but there is also a procedure to change procedure.

If the organization cared about fit...(read more)

The listener's filter needs as an input the nature of the speaker's filter, or information is irretrievably lost.

The speaker's filter needs as an input the nature of the listener's filter, or information is irretrievably lost.

Having two codependent filters like that has a lot of stable non-loss...(read more)

.... will banish you from the tribe.

The only person I heard of go to the brig was one who broke into barracks and stole personal property. Falsifying official records or running off to run a side job as a real estate broker was more of a '30 days restriction, 30 days extra duty, reduction in rate ...(read more)

The Army works just fine, and has goals that aren't ours. Why not steal much of their model /which works and has been proven to work/?

Especially if the problematic aspects of Army culture can be avoided by seeing the skulls on the ground.