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How do you feel about experimenting with meth?

Thanks! Do I still need to enter an email?

“Today I'm here to tell you: this is actually happening and it will last a week. You will get a payout if you give us a PayPal/ETH address or name a charity of your choosing.”

How do we give you the name of a charity? I only see fields to enter a PayPal and email address on the payment info page.

The spread of opinions seems narrow compared to what I would expect. OP makes some bold predictions in his post. I see more debate over less controversial claims all of the time.

Sorry, but what do aliens have to do with AI?

So AI will destroy the planet and there’s no hope for survival?

Why is everyone here in agreement that AI will inevitably kill off humanity and destroy the planet?

Sorry I’m new to LessWrong and clicked on this post because I recognized the author’s name from the series on rationality.

Is this an April fools joke?

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We don’t know how many Russian generals are in Ukraine. Russia has not made that information public.

What you can look at is data from past wars. Twelve US generals were killed in Vietnam over a period of idk how many years.

Vietnam casualties by rank: A major Russian general is equivalent in rank to a US brigade general (grade 07 in the first table).

The frequency of Russian generals who have died over the period of one month seems unusually high in comparison. FWIW Russia’s military is said to have a top-heavy org structure.

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“On 3/20, Zelenskyy bans activities of pro-Russian political parties until war is over. This does not seem like either great optics or like it is good for Ukrainian democracy, and no I wouldn’t have known this (at least right away) without a Russian-oriented source. He also combined all the television stations and forced them to broadcast only State Media, all in ways that sure seem like they shut out the opposition. I’m pretty sad about this. Not terribly shocked, mind, but sad.”

I mean, Russia invaded Ukraine with soldiers, missiles, tanks, and heavy artillery and is aiming to control Ukrainian cities and surround the capital with a long ass convoy. Russia is taking freedom away from Ukrainians. Given these circumstances, I probably wouldn’t worry about the banning of pro-Russian political parties within Ukraine unless the ban continues after the war is over.

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*Moving my introduction here because I accidentally posted it in the wrong Open Thread.

Introducing myself-

Hi, I’m Karolina. I stumbled across this community after googling “techno feudalism”. A moderator of a Discord server I belong to says that the US will become techno-feudalist society, and I was trying to understand what he means. I’m not super interested in techno feudalism, though. I created an account here because I saw a lot of interesting topics under the “Concepts” tab.

I would describe myself as “down to earth”. Most of my thoughts revolve around my general welfare and the welfare of people who I’m close to. My fiance and I are planning a wedding for this summer, and we want to start having kids as soon as we’re married, so I think a lot about pregnancy and motherhood. I wonder what our kids will be like and hope that I’ll be a good mom.

So that brings me to why I’m here. I don’t think about things too deeply. I wonder if I have a tendency to accept what people say without question. People who I interact with online have told me that I don’t understand the agendas of politicians and the mainstream media. I want to understand why I think about things the way I do. I want to improve my critical thinking skills and learn how to think in a “deeper” way.

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