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Hi! I really appreciate the dedication to help people to calm down people, like myself, about acausal extortion. I have thought about this type of subject for 10 months-ish and i have gathered some opinions (feel free to debunk them): 1) i think these ideas are actually dangerous if thought in extensive detail, 2) even if you do get bitten by a blackmail, it doesen't mean it will 100% happen, and 3) ignoring them seems to be a good idea. I have tried recently to confront my fears about them in these last couple of days reading different pages including this one, and i feel somewhat stuck. Ive also thought about acausal extortion between humans or aliens. My main anxiety is weather i have thought too much in detail about all of this, and i can't quite find a way to let go in a satisfactory manner: basically i thought about an ai or alien or human, thinking about some of their characteristics in a kind of general way.

I also can't quite tell what the concensus is on these ideas, if there even is one. Im not sure wether i understand the "acausal normalcy" page (feel free to correct my following points); the post basically talks about how instead of simulations it is better to argue wether this or that entity might do x or y, which honestly makes it a bit more scary now, even though the post was trying to help those anxious like myself, and the other point in the post was that there is a whole society of acausal interaction, and that probably the most common value that acausal entities have is boundries, and he says that you should have the attitude of: "if you want to interact with me you should respect me".

( By the way, i am absolutely aware of how long this comment is). Also i do agree with you Raemon on the "their anxiety leeds them to fulfill the anxiety loop", because that literally happened to me.

This reply i think is correct, but let me add something: the number of possible ways you can simulate a being is immense; and wich one should you choose? You have no idea and no evidence to judge from. And even when you are taking an action, how would you know if its the right one? So why even engage, there are also many other entities that might exist that dont even do acausal trade and might still do something to you. It seems to be the case that the best way of action is to just ignore these cases, cuz if you forget about them they will conclude that youre impenetrable, and so no reason to follow up on anything.

Tldr: just cuz its "easyer", doesnt mean its real.

It is true that superinteligences are much more difficult to model, and therefore predict and give them a reason to actually carry out threats is low, but its not like its easy all of a sudden to say that "ah, aliens or humans arent as complex, therefore i should take them seriously." Its virtually impossible to know with any real accuracy what aliens are going to do, because we know nothing about them, and even humans, are diverse and complicated in their own right, so good luck trying to predict or even pretend to know what they are going to think or do without any real evidance.

Hi, ive recently stumbled upon this post and am a bit worried. Should i be?