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Viticulturists beat phylloxera by grafting grapes to naturally resistant rootstock taken from American vine species that co-evolved with phylloxera. The phylloxera epidemic actually serves as an example of a case where pesticides are not effective, and the effective solution, now implemented in vineyards all over the world, is both inspired by ecological dynamics and more environmentally sustainable than pesticide use. 

Thanks for the additional recommendations. I'm looking into various means of prevention and don't expect to find any silver bullets, but rather feel like I'm packing a cartridge with lead shot, piece by tiny piece. If/when I move forward with worms, I intend to notify my doctor and keep a whole notebook of observations.

In my own case, I do see this approach as potentially being preventative, if not for MS then perhaps for RA. But if additional research indicates that the preventative effect is insignificant in adults (compared to children whose immune systems are still developing), I'll abandon the idea for myself and may continue to research worm-related therapies for the people in my family who do already have inflammatory conditions.

Thanks! I like your point about the low transferability of therapies across inflammatory disease, and I share your concern that exposure to helminths may not reduce risk in adults whose immune systems are all grown up. I'm looking into those recommendations.

Thanks! I'll look into both those options. I'm also curious about stem cell transplantation for my sister. Speaking of animal models- I assume your point about animals is they are not always predictive the drug and treatment effectiveness in humans, but I'm curious to know what you think of the viral-onset hypothesis inspired by observations in monkeys. It's referenced on the OHSU research web site and I was planning to read more about it.

I haven't quantified any risks because I'm not practiced in doing that. That's one reason I'm posting here-- as I compile more information, I'd love a little help with formal assessment of risk.

Yes! I will update this post. I'm not sure if updates rise to the top of the list...? If not, I'll re-post when I have a significant update.