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[Link] Should we be spending no less on alternate foods than AI now?

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This could potentially help many decades in the future. But it would need to be an order of magnitude or more reduction in energy costs for this to produce a lot of food. And I am particularly concerned about one of these catastrophes happening in the next decade.

Grains are all from the same family-grass. It is conceivable that a malicious actor could design a pathogen(s) that kills all grains. Or maybe it would become an endemic disease that would decrease the vigor of the plants permanently. I'm not arguing that any of these non-recovery scenarios are too ...(read more)

Sorry for my voice recognition software error-I now have fixed it. It turns out that if you want to store enough food to feed 7 billion people for five years, it would cost tens of trillions of dollars. What I am proposing is spending tens of millions of dollars for targeted research and development...(read more)

In the case of the sun being blocked by comet impact, super volcanic eruption, or full-scale nuclear war with the burning of cities, there would be local devastation, but the majority of global industry would function. Most of our energy is not dependent on the sun. So it turns out the biggest probl...(read more)

[Here]( is an analysis of nutrition of a variety of alternate foods. [Leaf protein concentrate]( is actually more promising than leaf tea. No one has tried a diet of only alternate foods - that would be a...(read more)

Thank you, Jennifer, for the introduction. Some more background on me: I have read the sequences and the foom debate. In 2011, I tried to do cost-effectiveness [scoping]( for all causes inspired by Yudkowsky's scope and neglec...(read more)

I have done some work on [refuges]( However, I am most interested in saving nearly everyone and preventing the loss of civilization. This turns out to be [cost effective]( even if one on...(read more)

Yes, here is a fault tree analysis of [nuclear war]( And [here](https://arxiv.o...(read more)