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Ah, GEB an Eternal Golden Braid is clearly undervalued. Too bad I never read it through to the very end. I'm more like a sampler, leaving books unread as soon as I feel I have absorbed the core message. It doesn't help that with an IQ of 134 I sometimes feel as dumb as a horse when browsing LW.

Hahaha. That's Ridiculous.

You know it's funny how some people actually really do laugh like a horse. Or maybe a zebra? I almost never do it because I usually laugh well... like a man. That is except in cases where reality is so damn hilarious that I just can't help myself but take gasp for air.

Shame that I often feel like that poor fool Brennan, I should have payed more attention during my math classes but they sure as hell didn't make it easy. I like how you named the protagonist Brennan "Living by the Beacon" aka. living by the beacon of Bayes? Makes me think wheather or not the other names you invented in your stories mean something, too.