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Im not sure if you are still soliciting feedback given date posted. I found this when trying to determine possible cause of all the flickering or shimmering spaces I see as well as why inanimate objects always seem to breath.

Thought Id post a reply in case it would be helpful. I completed the exercises noted and:

  1. yes closed and open
  2. yes
  3. yes

I have experienced all three since I was a child. 1 and 2 more intermittently, 3 all the time. I was able to trigger each with the exercises noted above.

Some context that may be pertinent: I have chronic migraine with aura, astigmatism, lights starburst, sometimes halos, and can cause visual distortions. I also had a period of double vision that lasted 3 months, cause was determined to be muscular.

I also have had fair bit of experience with psychadelics, LSD, mushrooms (hero dose), mescaline, & DMT (couple break throughs) as well as from sleep deprivation. I have also combined psychadelic hallucination with a sensory deprivation float.

I also have ADHD.