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Anti-Aging: State of the Art

If Brunemeier's PDF's is something you can share, I'd like to read it.

Link: Rob Bensinger on Less Wrong and vegetarianism

Certainly eggs are not likely to suffer at all.

It's typically the chickens laying the eggs that people are concerned about. And maybe to a lesser extent the male chickens of the chicken breed used for egg production. (Maybe you're already clear on that, but I have spoken to people who were confused by veganism's prohibition on eating animal products in addition to animals.)

They likely do not suffer in the same way people do.

It doesn't seem safe to assume that their suffering is subjectively less bad than our suffering. Maybe it's worse - maybe the experience of pain and fear is worse when you can only feel it and can't think about it. Either way, I don't see why you'd err on the side of 'It's an uncertain thing so lets keep doing what we're doing and diminish the potential harms when we can' rather than 'It's not that unlikely that we're torturing these things, we should stop in all ways that don't cost us much.'

But yes, creating vat-grown meat and/or pain-free animals should be a priority.

Link: Rob Bensinger on Less Wrong and vegetarianism

Exactly. I suspect a disproportionate share of people on LW agree that their eating habits are immoral, but eat the way they do anyway and are willing to indirectly be a part of "torturing puppies behind closed doors." That is, they are more likely to be honest to themselves about what they are doing, but aren't that much more likely to care enough to stop (which is different from being "morally indifferent").

Open thread, 14-20 July 2014

Peanuts are not 'protein powerhouses' unless you are trying to measure protein/volume instead of protein/calorie. They give 7g protein per 164 calories. Compare that to tofu which provides 20g protein per 176 calories or salmon which provides about 20g for 183 calories.

Open thread, 3-8 June 2014

If you had four months to dedicate to working on a project, what would you work on?

Optimal Exercise

Still, I've had my own injury issues. Do you think body weight exercises are less likely to led to injury?

Optimal Exercise

What do you think is a good exercise routine for maximizing health and not getting injured? Ideally, there's some sort of weight-lifting in which you can't easily injure yourself with poor form that won't result in muscular imbalance and that still allow for incremental improvement.

As for cardio, maybe rowing and ellipticaling are ideal?

Optimal Exercise

I low bar squat barefoot. Would I still benefit from getting weightlifting shoes?

Open Thread for February 11 - 17

I used to think I thought that way, but then I had some opportunities to casually steal from people I didn't know (and easily get away with it), but I didn't. With that said, I pirate things all the time despite believing that doing so frequently harms the content owners a little.

How big of an impact would cleaner political debates have on society?

Thanks for the recommendation. I've watched a couple Hardtalk interviews and they were great. Hardtalk definitely suffers the limitations of oral discussion that people talk about elsewhere in this thread, but, for what it is, it's great.

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