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Don't feel bad about not knowing basic things

It was, a little. Truth is I know the basic definition but I've yet to build up enough knowledge and intuition around them to really use them in my research. Thinks analytic vs bounded semigroup, L^\infty calculus, angular sectors and so on.

What's your peace plan?

The Holy Sepulchre has been administered by a Muslim family for centuries because the Ottomans empire was fed up with the different Christian denominations endless fights to pray in the sanctuary.

What's your peace plan?

"I don't know to what degree this represents their current views of Hamas. But whatever Israeli Jews think of Fatah, I believe they would much rather see Fatah in control of Palestine than Hamas. Any external organization facilitating negotiations would be wise to account for this. "

That's probably part of the problem too. If I remember correctly Hamas won the elections a decade or so ago and Israel+the Western governments helped Fatah to stay in power... meaning that right now there is not even a real government to negotiate with.

What's your peace plan?

It's exactly the problem, and the fact that the Hamas started the war just as Netanyahu was losing his grip to power is highly unlikely to be a coincidence. 

The fact that Israel lead the best vaccine effort in the world but refused the easy PR move to give vaccine to Palestine is also significant.

[Prediction] What war between the USA and China would look like in 2050

I'm not sure the victims of, say, Pinochet really appreciate the "we are not expansionist, we are just helping overthrow your democratically elected government in order to maintain our influence on your county's international and economic policy." defense.  

[Prediction] What war between the USA and China would look like in 2050

A few selected thoughts :

  1. The number on the US invasion of Afghanistan may explain why it was such a failure. With 10^6 soldiers instead of 10^5 they would probably have been able to really secure the country.
  2. I think a protracted war is unlikely because I expect the US to just give up on Taiwan.
  3. Expansionism is something that grows on you. After China invades Taiwan, I guess they may become interested in securing some form of control over say Singapore, or Vietnam. The fact that they are not expansionist now does not mean they will not be expansionist then.
  4. I think a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is likely to happen way before 2050.
Sherrinford's Shortform

My model is that what is called "left of center" in the USA is "far right, at least economically"* in Europe (and what the USA call "socialism" is "what everyone agrees with".

*"economically" does a fair bit of work here - on issues like immigration for example the left right divide is the same as in the US.

Don't feel bad about not knowing basic things

That's a good layman description - a semi group is basically the exponential of some linear operator. The problem is that I'm supposed to be a bit more than a layman.

Don't feel bad about not knowing basic things

I'm three years into my PhD. Still don't really understand what a semi-group is (something something exponential). I can't remember the formula for the exposants in Sobolev inequality but here it is just my fault for never learning it correctly.

What will 2040 probably look like assuming no singularity?

True but putting them in Northern part of the world may also be a good idea. Right now looking for example at Google's data centers map there seems to be a very small trend toward northern locations (at least in Europe), but it may just be a flux due to local financial incentives being more favorable in some countries.

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