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Musk proposition gives Ukraine no significant security guarantees AND forces it to lose territory. It's basically a total win for Russia, and an excellent incentive to try again in 10 years (or maybe vs. the Baltic states or Georgia).

I downvoted because it's not a particularly interesting critique of religion (contrary to, say, Eliezer's https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/fAuWLS7RKWD2npBFR/religion-s-claim-to-be-non-disprovable which is really solid. The paragraph on free will is weak because it fails to engage with what the other side is saying (yet alone refute a steel man version)

Besides, making a big post on lesswrong about how religion is silly is just preaching to the choir - in the same way that if you really want to make a post on why AI is dangerous, don't do it if you don't have something new to bring to the debate.

It's certainly interesting although to be honest I'm pretty confident the top human stratego players are nowhere near the top achievable level for a human player (contrasting with games like chess or StarCraft).

I'm pretty sure no ballistic weapon until well into the 20th century was a significant threat to a balloon flying at more than a few hundred meters above ground.

Military uses of a hot balloon are more "create a small mountain to climb up" and less "satellite imagery before satellite". They did not revolutionise warfare at the tactical or operational level, and even less at the strategical level.

To be fair changing the 5th postulate requires some creative redefining of what a straight line is. In my experience when explaining non-euclidean geometries to muggles the hardest part is not the 5th postulate or its consequences but making people accept that on a sphere a straight line is really a great circle (the easier way being through the concept of a geodesic line but this was invented after non-euclidean geometries if I'm not mistaken.

On the other hand, and for the same reasons, independent actors in the US or Poland may want to make sure that Germany has burned it's bridge with Russia too.

They don't move very fast by themselves but can when helped by human transportation (source : some post doc at my lab worked on this a few years ago).

My point entirely ;) I realize that was not clear.

As far as I am aware, mosquitoes don't respect international boundaries. If you use this method to eliminate mosquitoes in some random African country, it would just spread to their neighbours.

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