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However, strong emotions can cause us to think in feelings rather than in abstract concepts. Usually some emotional distance is required for rational debate.

Is this a problem with our language or our culture? Has a culture / language ever been studied that didn't suffer from this as badly?

Good question. It seems to me, that it is mostly a problem of logistics. When talking about ourselves and objects near us, it is simply easier to reduce those objects to single words. such as 'me'.

Could you explain what you mean by 'catgirls'?

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I wonder, do any of you ever feel like you're not allowed to be happy, as long as there is so much we still need to solve in this world?

For example, a thought that could spring up: I am sitting here reading blogs/playing videogames and procrastinating my schoolwork. While at the same time we have a global warming problem, poverty in poor countries, and plastic polluting our oceans. Should I dedicate my time to educating people about recycling/ or maybe even becoming a scientist to invent better solar panels? Or should I stick with my plans and dreams that I had, becoming a musician? It seems irrational to act like there are no problems to be solved in this world. It seems like everyone should be doing a lot more things. But then, where is the line between doing things for yourself and doing things for others?

These things keep me up at night, sometimes. I wonder if they are appropriate responses to this wonderful blogpost.