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I've long thought homesteading was an attractive idea. Free launch costs to anyone with a business plan. Heavily subsidized grub stakes: standard living quarters, food, raw materials, tools, etc. A core assumption is that we mudfeet will lack the motivation, experience, and insight to solve all the problems pre-emptively. Colonists will find problems and solutions we can't even dream off. Setting priorities must be left to those who will live with the consequences.

But here's the rub: mated pairs only, the ladies expected to bear their first child within, say, 18 months. And, key point: No return ticket. The Up and Out is your home for the rest of your life.

Expect a steep learning curve and heavy losses for the first two or three generations.

Does everyone have the same "favorite color"?

No. As far as I'm concerned, that proves we do not all see the same colors.

My own favorite color has varied over my lifetime. I myself do not see "blue" and "green" in the same way I did forty years ago. Further, I generally find deep blues to be cool and soothing; but while the blue light from the sky does not bother me, the "blue" from "daylight" LED room lamps is piercing. The light from the blue LED pilot lamps on my computer and similar equipment is almost painful to me, despite being relatively deep--so much so that I had to cover them with white cloth tape blacked out with a felt tip marker to tone it down.

There's a store i pass on my to work that I dislike because the red and blue LED display in its window fools me into thinking there's a pack of police cars there.

Color is not just a spectroscopic reading to a conscious being. Color also carries emotional weight. Colors mean things to people.