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A command-line grammar of graphics

Said this in a separate comment but wanted to add here that there is a python library wrapper for this which is pretty nice also:

A command-line grammar of graphics

Altair is another somewhat more pythonic library based on the grammar of graphics. It's also great for interactive visualizations.

Should We Still Fly?

Thanks for doing the math on that! That's really useful information. I was under the impression that flying was a bigger issue than those numbers suggest--I hadn't ever bothered to do the calculation myself.

Is Rationalist Self-Improvement Real?

For the record, I didn't actually downvote you--just wanted to share why I suspect others did. I agree with your full reasoning and didn't mean to imply you thought that was the only significant difference. I mostly agree with what habryka is saying, though.

Is Rationalist Self-Improvement Real?

I'm sympathetic to the point you're making - practice is a very different thing from reading. But, how you wrote it reads as overly harsh.

EDIT: to be more specific, calling that lumping "ridiculous" and saying nothing at all could be concluded from the poll were both far harsher than warranted IMO

Follow-Up to Petrov Day, 2019

I clicked the button :( But, I clicked it because the first thing I saw on the page was a big shiny button and hadn't been on the site in a few day and didn't know what it would do. I would not have entered codes if I'd had them. Maybe give a more noticeable warning next to the button next time? Maybe something like "Warning, pressing this button will..." in red text.

Fun experiment

Crypto quant trading: Intro

Just commenting to say thanks for sharing this! I'm a statistician currently dipping more into python/ML (mostly an R background) with a casual interest in trading and this looks like a great set of material to work through while learning.