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I disagree with your contention that health care should be for profit.

People that are sick or dying and need care are not customers comparing various products. They are humans in need of a service which should not be deprived of them due to their income level.

Also you did not consider public goods, such as fire stations, streets, clean water etc. Some could argue that good health and clean air is a public good.

However, if you want to privatize environmental efforts such as clean air, water and reduced waste then the cost of such things should be placed onto the company. For example, a plastics manufacturer should be charged the amount to recycle all of their plastics. And those making plastics which can't be recycled should be responsible to figure out how to properly dispose of them instead of them being shipped to 3rd-world countries then dumped in the ocean or burned. A coal plant should have to pay for filters so that surrounding communities do not have increased asthma, heart disease and earlier death rates. Basically the capitalist market requires some regulation or they can harm people and the planet.

Then of course there are regulations needed to prevent monopolies, price gouging, etc.