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I don't think it works that way. Do you know any example of an existing webpage/event/thing where the people behind it said "it needs to be the same but *more fun*!", and it actually worked? I find lesswrong to be fun as it is, and I want it to attract people who are attracted to the actual content,...(read more)

Funny, yes, but rational? Hardly.

Well, this depends on what level the average player is playing at; but at every level there is going to be more noise, and thus less evolutionary pressure. My friend told me that his teacher had told his class that, in practice, most people play on the second or third levels. (I have nothing to back...(read more)

Same here! Are you still around?

Care to elaborate?

> If buying cars guaranteed that you would live longer, would you do it?

Of course, but then you have made the correlation imply causation, [and it doesn't]( If number of cars owned and life expectancy was *perfectly correlated*, with no counter examples, that would be strong ...(read more)

Wow, this is a powerful story. I'm more and more sympathetic the more I think about it... Did you manage to convince your family about your findings? Did you alert someone of the danger (like the current owners perhaps)?

Up-voted for honesty.

Brilliant observation! Damn, we really are living in the future already...