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I have a property I would like to suggest, but strangely considering that you are MIRI's communications lead, I can find no email address where I can contact you, Rob. In fact, you apparently have LinkedIn set so that I cannot connect with you there and I cannot send you a message through there, or here. 

Anyway, I suggest that you consider Richmond, VA. There are many good properties that are large and relatively secluded but also offer very easy (~20 min) access to downtown Richmond, which is a growing city of ~250,000 (metro 1,000,000+) and college town (VCU, other nearby universities) although not known as a tech hub. 

There is plenty to do there and it is relatively "purple", i.e. not too oppressive for people with the "wrong" political views since people have to co-exist. Mountains and beach are within easy driving range (~1.5 hrs) and you also have the James River, etc. for outside recreation. 

There are properties with 50+ acres with existing buildings that might be suitable for a campus-type arrangement.

Housing is very affordable compared to the Bay or other large metropolitan areas, although increasing with the influx of people from nearby Washington D.C. Downtown is very walkable and relaxed, and I think LGBT friendly, with all the normal metropolitan amenities. There is a nearby international airport although it's not a major hub. Government is stable with moderate taxes. Climate is a bit oppressive in the Summer (reaching 90 degrees many days in July/August) but otherwise pleasant.

Would you have the same position if the algorithm would keep blacks in prison at much higher rates than their risk of recidivism warranted? (Instead of vice versa)

How do you feel about insurance? Insurance is, understandably, calibration-fair. If men have higher rates of car accidents than women, they pay a higher rate. They are not treated equally to women. You would prefer to eliminate discrimination on such variables? Wouldn't you have to eliminate all variables in order to treat everyone equally?