Covid 9/24: Until Morale Improves

Thanks for the info! Two questions:

  1. The linked article indicated that 10% solutions were widely available on Amazon, and links this one, but doesn't seem to give any indication why he picked that one in particular - just wanted to check if you might have seen this reasoning somewhere/if it exists.

  2. I'm not familiar with Chris Masterjohn - his web page looks like he's a content creator trying to leverage his Nutritional Science PhD into being seen as knowledgeable about a wide variety of things - is this human known to say true and useful things?

Covid 9/24: Until Morale Improves

Thanks Zvi, these are super informative!

Use of povidone-iodine as mouthwash and nasal spray looks promising as prophylaxis (and potentially treatment, but lower confidence on that.) The study Zvi linked ( appears to be the latest in discussions occurring in otolaryngology since April ( Other informative articles here ( and (

I plan to start using appropriately diluted povidone iodine solution as nasal spray and mouthwash when I'm in contact with (or proximity to) strangers. I'm pretty comfortable using Betadine 10% as the base for mouthwash (diluting it with water since the commercially sold mouthwash version is somewhat difficult to procure.)

I'd love any insights/thoughts on the correct product to use as the base for nasal spray (prior to mixing with saline), as the above protocol does not reference a particular product, and the additives in different povidone-iodine solutions seem to vary a fair amount.

What is the current state of knowledge around COVID-19 at-home remedies?

Would also love your thoughts on this one I posted a while back if convenient - not sure if I'm thinking about this one correctly or not:

What is the current state of knowledge around COVID-19 at-home remedies?

Thanks for this, super helpful! Is NAC something to start taking when feeling symptomatic or something to start taking way ahead of time (like vitamin D)? Re indomethacin, it sounds like this is something that it would be worth getting a prescription of when feeling symptomatic (assuming it's not a controlled substance or something similarly difficult for a doctor to prescribe) - wanted to feedback this to you to make sure I'm understanding correctly.

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Thanks. I haven't used liquid products much before. Anything you've noticed that's significantly different in terms of onset time, effect duration, etc?

Open Thread, Aug 29. - Sept 5. 2016

Anyone know where I can find melatonin tablets <300 mcg? Splitting 300 mcg into 75 mcg quarters still gives me morning sleepiness, thinking smaller dose will reduce remaining melatonin upon wake time. Thanks.

Attention! Financial scam targeting Less Wrong users

Surely, as rationalists, we should

So awkward it hurts that this is even a thing.

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Aren't new open threads usually posted on Mondays? Today is the 27th, not 28th.

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