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Bupropion and CBD oil

Without knowledge of potential interactions, melatonin might be another option - I don't take bupropion, but suspect that one would take daily dose in morning to minimize chance of this side effect as well

($1000 bounty) How effective are marginal vaccine doses against the covid delta variant?

Depending on when you got your second mRNA dose, the Israeli data suggests there is significant vaccine decline in vaccine efficacy after 3 months (see ) This does not of course indicate whether a third dose would restore efficacy (presumably by reigniting the immune response in some way) - I suspect it would, however. No need for prize money if relevant - just resharing a link that was already in Forbes

Covid 7/15: Rates of Change

Thanks for this as always! Any thoughts on the variant effectiveness estimates in this paper?

Covid 5/13: Moving On

The initial pfizer efficacy study and followups in Israel specifically come to mind.

MIRI location optimization (and related topics) discussion

Potential metrics which may be helpful to consider (from a previous location search for me to live): Minimum sunlight per month, months under 200 hrs of sunlight, days above 90F, days below 32F, snow/rain days per year, violent crime level, property crime level, number of internet providers, average speed test result of internet providers, top advertised speed of internet providers, quality of healthcare, attends religious services at least once per week, rate of cigarette use, rate of alcohol use, rate of binge drinking.

Some of these are direct metrics on experience (ie number of days where climate makes being outside less pleasant), others towards the end of the list are more proxy metrics of concrete data that may give some indication of general level of religiosity/stress/need for escape in the local environment.

Better air is the easiest way not to die

Would love any context here - not sure if I should parse the linkpost as random person on internet saying things or if any background that would give me a higher prior that their models are accurate and/or useful.

The Case for Extreme Vaccine Effectiveness

Fluvoxamine is a prescription drug in the FDA, so your doctor can prescribe it; might work as well. Antiviral procurement is similar if the antiviral you're seeking is a US prescription drug (in any case I'd consider Googling the antiviral name.)

The Case for Extreme Vaccine Effectiveness

Apologies in advance for not engaging in detail with the analysis itself - my overall synthesis here is that residual risk does exist post-vaccination and is potentially non-negligible. Personally I'll be using my Oura ring to detect nighttime temperature spikes and use a high-accuracy at-home test ( if I detect a spike, followed by aggressive treatment with fluvoxamine (+potential antiviral) if the test comes back positive - these safeguards feel sufficient to travel (airplane) to see family, etc without incurring significant risk of long-term health impacts. Appreciate the work to get a tighter bead on the risk itself (and depending on conclusions, some of the above may not have great marginal risk reduction), but wanted to share as one possible mitigation strategy that I expect to be robust even in pessimistic risk-branches.

Why aren't we all using Taffix?

I'm curious if anyone knows of research comparing effectiveness of this to povidone iodine nasal spray? I make a 0.8% solution of that and use it in nose and gargle before going out (in addition to mask)

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