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That is a neat hack - who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?


Animal Charity Evaluators are now promoting this to animal welfare donors throughout their site in the sidebar, and on their blog.


They would needs hundreds of staff if not more to do that.


That's a pretty interesting list of x-risk donors. Eyeballing it, it looks like few people plan to donate to far future causes other than x-risk but not to existential risk alleviation itself.


[Suggestions thread]

With the seed content from the annual survey, this is the largest platform for individual EAs (well, I guess it's the only one currently!) So it's worth thinking about features etc. that could usefully be added to it, or ways others could leverage the open platform.

To get the ball rolling:

  • It'd be good if EAs could raise fundraiser through these (or EA groups could organise them by leveraging the platform)

  • You or others could give the EAs on there jumping-off points for actions which make the world a more optimal place in the most efficient way possible.


Knowing nothing about the survey before I would have filled in a much longer survey but then I'm a survey junkie I even got a long way into the 45 minute Yale survey.


lukeprog (Luke Muehlhauser) objects to CEA's claim that EA grew primarily out of Giving What We Can at http://www.effectivealtruism.org/#comments :

This was a pretty surprising sentence. Weren’t LessWrong & GiveWell growing large, important parts of the community before GWWC existed? It wasn’t called “effective altruism” at the time, but it was largely the same ideas and people.


I see Larks' point.

The movement data is action-relevant for me, as I'm spending several hours a week going to meetup groups purely to recruit GiveWell donors. I've found skeptic/atheist groups particularly fertile, and lefty political groups (and 'A' rather than 'E' groups generally) the opposite. I haven't tried any conservative or libertarian groups yet.


Can anyone involved in the census say whether it reached people wholly or mainly thought a post on http://lesswrong.com/promoted/ ? That'd be pretty powerful if it can get 1500+ responses - it would be great if this post could be promoted too, as many people are putting a lot of effort into sharing the EA survey widely! How can we make promotion happen?


It's a matter of a degree, but in the EA context (which sets a high bar), I personally call people 'altruistic' if (but not only if) they've donated >=10% of a real income for over a year or they've consistently spent over an hour a week doing something they'd otherwise rather not do to help others.

I apply a similarly high bar for altruism - many EAs don't count as altruistic based on this.

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