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Great read, I love when you touched on evaluating internally/mentally how you react to constructive criticism. Hit the nail on the head in that section & really the whole article. So many people over think or almost let people get inside their head & trick them out of the spot that their currently thriving in but questioning there ambition/independence & what I’ve learned from graduating college in 2017 is just because your doing more work doesn't always mean your advancing & elevating your situation. You have to be working smart/efficient with something that aligns & makes sense to your reality. You touched on this as well in one of your sections where you didnt have words to describe it but when it feels aligned with your reality a purposeful.

Another GREAT GREAT GREAT section you included was operating out of spite. & in my early 20s I was not necessarily even aware I was making spiteful moves, not until after 25-26 age I realized & was able to almost take my self outside my shoes & honestly/genuinely reflect & realizing I was almost programmed from a young age to be motivated by proving people wrong, fixing a situation thats bad/worse and enjoy making it better. Then you reflect & realize that thats what your programmed/designed to think/operate.. very controversial and intriguing topics that I like to dive deep in & reflect because just like myself I witness & believe other people are not even aware of there spiteful moves they are making on a day to day basis.