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Procrastination is making me miss a lot of opportunities. Up to and including (in progress): having a chance at anchoring myself in a first-world country vs blowing it and having to return to eastern Europe.


  1. High initial anxiety when sitting down to start a project. Related to #2.

  2. Low confidence in own abilities after so many mediocre last-minute solutions in the past.

  3. No social support - no friends interested in programming.

  4. Additional anxiety due to being behind schedule with 3-4 items - article, internship work, internship report, learning a framework to try and get a job at company I'm interning at. Also, haven't made proper Plan B, C arrangements in case I don't get the job (again due to anxiety).

It's this annoying vicious circle of anxiety and procrastination I can't seem to get out of. Any takers? PJ Eby's comments on akrasia were interesting, but we go back to the issue of bootstrapping enough motivation/confidence to do the actions required to get the ball rolling.